Stop Texting Them When...


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When it feels like you're desperate too seek their attention and dryng to talk to them. You're losing yourself respect by bothering them.

  • desperate = putus asa
  • seek = mencari
  • dryng = kering
  • bothering = menggangu


When they pretend to be busy but they are secretly giving their time to other people. And this shows you aren't as important to them.

  • pretend = pura-pura




They take hours and even days to reply to your one single text but on the other side, you know they are easily available to other people.

  •  but on the other side = Tapi, di sisi lain



When They never put efforts to talk to you or tell you about what's going on in their life because they are clearly not interested to talk to you.



When they don't care whatever you're talking or not and you're just like another option in their trash box which makes you feel unworthy.

  • trash = sampah
  • unworthy = tak layak 



When they always insult you when you complain that they don't give you proper time, they even give you that same list of silly endless excuses.

  • insult  = menyinggung
  • proper time = waktu yang tepat
  • silly endless excuses = alasan konyol yang tidak ada habisnya
  • Silly = konyol
  • excuses = alasan 


 ~Since online affairs are so easy to cover up, how can you know for sure that your partner is really loyal ?


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