But you belong somewhere. Someone needs you. Something needs you


When you feel like you don't belong anywhere, look at the sky.

No matter how blue and grey it appears, we still need it to be there.

Think about the sun which sometimes burn your skin, but it still has to be there.

When it sets, it leaves us with beautiful ending. We say goodbye.

So, if you still feel like you don't belong anywhere--think about 

your mom, your father, your sister, your brother, think about one of them.

Will they still be the same person if you dissappear ?

Think about the clothes you haven't washed. Think about your wearing them?

You can literally think about the most little things in life but you belong somewhere. 

Someone needs you. Something needs you And maybe that's enough to make me feel okay


Vocabulary :

1. Anywhere ~ dimanapun
2. No matter ~ Tidak peduli
3. Appears ~ muncul
4. Sets ~ terbenam
5. Leaves ~ meninggalkan
6. Dissappear ~ menghilang /tidak muncul
7. Literally ~ sungguh-sungguh/benar

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